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Object Oriented Perl

Perl Object Oriented for beginners and professionals with examples on arrays, string, escaping characters, namespace, hashes, regular expressions, functions  Object Oriented Perl - Manning Object Oriented Perl is designed to provide anyone who is familiar with the basics of regular Perl programming with a complete introduction to the  Object Oriented Programming in Perl - Perl Beginners' Site Object-oriented programming (or OOP for short) is a software-design paradigm that allows for writing more re-usable and more elegant code by declaring  object oriented Perl advice / constructor creation in child class ...

Another popular technique is object orientation (OO), or object oriented programming (OOP), where programs work with objects—discrete, unique entities with  Perl - a procedural and object-oriented programming language The Perl programming language has a powerful text manipulation capabilities, which make it one of the most preferred programming languages worldwide.

Object orientation (OO) is the latest software methodology to occupy the airwaves, hyped to a point where the term "object-oriented design" seems to 

Objects in Perl

I am a dev at athenahealth, and yes, I can say that we do use Moose. Moose is, indeed very awesome in a lot of ways: it's flexible and very  Object Oriented Perl: A Comprehensive Guide to Concepts ...

Let's say we want an Employee object with properties name , id , and age . We will name our package Employee and begin it this way: #!/usr/bin/perl package  Perl Object Oriented Programming - CodeProject 5 Nov 2002 The basics of Object Oriented Programming in Perl. Object-Oriented Perl gained a lot of popularity over the past five or ten years – it's called object-oriented programming, or. OOP for short. The type of programming we've been doing