of Anselm and Abelard, of Ramus, and of Descartes, together with the final protests of symbols of number, and were the juxtaposition of two literal symbols to 

Anselm and Abelard: Investigations and Juxtapositions

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Reason and Belief in the Age of Roscelin and Abelard, Aldershot, 2002). Anselm and. Abelard. Investigations and Juxtapositions, Toronto, PIMS, 2006, pp. Children and the Theologians: Clearing the Way for Grace ... 12 Feb 2013 The chief insight apparent from this unintended juxtaposition was that in As these selected theologians are investigated certain themes begin to emerge. Chrysostom, Peagius, Augustine (Chapter Two); Anselm, Abelard, 

25 Oct 2008 Gaspar, G. E. M. and H. Kohlenberger, eds, Anselm and Abelard: Investigations and Juxtapositions (Papers in Mediaeval Studies, 19), Toronto, 

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Abelard treats the redemption in his Commentary on Romans.24 His work lacks the speculative rigor of Anselm's investigation, but he clearly indicates an .... juxtaposition of an infinite good in the one offended and in the one satisfying for the ... Editors: Professor Rega Wood "Richard Rufus' Response to Saint Abelard," Anselm and Abelard: Investigations and Juxtapositions, ed. G. Gaspar and H. Kohlenberger, Toronto 2006.

Giles Gasper | MA,M.St, D.Phil (Oxon), LMS | Durham ... Anselm of Canterbury's Proslogion is one of the most celebrated of medieval treatises. .... Anselm and Abelard : investigations and juxtapositions. Article.